The Mission of our Children’s Ministry is to empower our youngest disciples in developing their relationship with Jesus Christ and living out the Word. We aim to assist in laying down the basic building blocks of Biblical Truth and establishing a foundation in faith that they can continue to build on as they grow. We offer a relevant curriculum with engaging lessons, but also know the value of the FUN factor! Through games, crafts, and of course PLAYING we hope to nurture your child’s love for God and encourage them to share the Good News with their peers.

As they get older, we believe it is equally important to begin preparing them for their journey into the Youth Group and participating in “Big Church”. That is why our 3rd thru 6th grade students get the opportunity to participate in Worship Service with their church family on Sunday mornings until they are dismissed to class. 

Children's ministry

youth ministry

LifeHouse Student Ministries desires to help your child grow in their faith by encouraging them, teaching God’s Holy word, challenging students to serve and growing relationships.  Students today face multiple challenges and obstacles, and we seek to help you as parents to guide them through life and into a greater walk with Christ.  Our mission is to grow, equip, change lives and to challenge students to put their faith into practice daily.  

We believe everyone can benefit from a Life Recovery experience. We all have struggles in life; struggles with addiction, food, depression, anxiety, and relationships to name a few. Life Recovery brings Christian recovery to you - right where you're at.

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